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Updates to Website – July/August 2022

After many years of using WordPress for this site I feel it is time to move on; hosting on here has just gotten too expensive in the current climate and so we are looking at a new provider and new-look website.

Prices will be getting reviewed in the near future. We hate to do this but increasing costs have forced our hand.


May 4th, 2022

All tours are running. However due to an ongoing archaeological excavation, I ask that you email first with your requested tour dates rather than just booking straight away.


We consider that an understanding of the past is vital to an understanding of the present – and certainly the past can teach us a thing or two about living in 2022

Why “Dark History”?

By and large, the key events that have shaped the human story have not been sugar coated – natural calamity, war, disease, religious persecution – just 4 examples of the causes of change in society over the millennia. Change can be traumatic for those who experience it – whether it be the Medieval peasant facing the Black Death, or a child sheltering from bombs in WW2.

We offer a variety of off-the-peg private tours covering military and medieval history, archaeology, architecture and socio-political themes, in both Germany and the UK. We can of course tailor an itinerary to suit your particular needs and interests – whether it is a family trip, school or business group, we can put together a tour for you.

Why should we book with you?

All of our key staff have professional backgrounds in history, archaeology and museums. The tours they give were – unlike a great many offered by other firms – not learned by rote from a poorly researched script but by years of reading around the subject and thinking critically of the sources. With our WW2 tours, this research has led us far and wide, visiting battlefields and interviewing eyewitnesses to the events that shaped the world we live in.  

What type of tour is right for me?

We offer a number of off-the-peg tours on this website, which are easy to book with your credit card. These typically last between 3 -5 hours.

Extended, full day or multi-day tours, designed to you take right into the heart of the history are available on request: drop us a line with your requirements and we will get back to with some ideas and prices.

Your private tour specialists

Ever since the get-go, our focus has been on small group, private tours. Quite apart from the issues that the Corona virus has thrown into sharp focus, we have long believed that private tours allow our guests the freedom to tailor the content, timings and speed of their tour: and we’ve been doing that since 2008.

We hope to see you soon,

Taff Simon

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