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We consider that an understanding of the past – a past which is often seen as boring, stifling or at worst, irrelevant – is vital to an understanding of the present.

History need not be about mouldy old books, faraway places you will never see and names and dates you can never remember.  A tour with us is more about handling original artefacts, visiting the places  you maybe first read about in school and getting the key facts that will help you make sense of the past.

Why “Dark History”?

By and large, the key events that have shaped the human story have not been sugar coated – natural calamity, war, disease, economic issues – just 4 examples of the causes of change in society over the millennia.  The story of these changes is our forte´ and we would like to challenge commonly held perceptions of the past. In doing so, we hope to give you not just a tour but an historical experience that you will not soon forget.

We offer a variety of off-the-peg private tours covering archaeology, architecture, and military, socio-political themes, in both Germany and the UK. We can of course tailor an itinerary to suit your particular needs and interests – whether it is a family trip, school or business group, we can put together a tour for you.

We hope to see you soon,

Taff Simon