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Dark History Tours – the blog and archive.

We have a substantial historical archive that really needs to be published – we havetypwriter so many documents, photographs and bits of ephemera that are just sitting here gathering dust. Until we acquire some sort of premises for a private museum, these items are essentially inert and useless: having them online as a resource means that even if you are unable to tour with us, you can still benefit and learn about aspects of the past.

We will also be publishing articles related to our to our current and future tours, as well as commenting on relevant stories that break in the news.

Images of items that belong to our archive will generally be watermarked. They may be reproduced for home and non-profit use. For commercial use, please contact us to discuss your requirements. In either case we request that DH Tours be credited.

Note: The period and subject of Germany between 1933 -45 feature in our posts.  We would like to make it quite clear that such articles and images are purely for educational purposes and as such, do not fall foul of German law paragraph (Strafgesetzbuch) §86a.

While this should be obvious there are individuals who take it upon themselves to be offended at everything – so just to be clear:

All published articles and photographs are purely for historical interest and educational purposes only!

Dark History Tours in no way support or condone extremist political or religious views – of any persuasion.

David “Taff” Simon,

                               April 19th, 2017


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