“What was life like in Munich during WW2”?
Many tours in Munich look at the rise of Hitler and the Nazi´s – and rightly so. However, the period 1939-45 is somewhat neglected in comparison. The war may have started far from Munich but its impact was soon felt and would dominate life for years to come. Find out how, with this unique tour from Dark History.

Please note that the rise of the Hitler and the Nazi Party, as well as the awful events surrounding “Crystal Night” are covered in detail in our “Rise of Evil” tour. This tour deals exclusively with the events directly pertaining to WW2.

What we cover:

The road to war: the Nazi Party Headquarters, Hitler, Neville Chamberlain and the signing of  “The Munich Agreement”

Alltagsgeschichte” – everyday life and popular culture                        

Target: Munich!

The Allied bombing campaign

Munich: the Stalingrad connection  

Women and children: changing priorities

Resistance, surveillance and the Gestapo

How the US army took the city in 1945

Repercussions for today 

This tour lasts around 3,5 hours, excluding break(s). Refreshments bought along the way are not included, although in winter we will bring a flask of tea or Glühwein ) 

As with all of our tours, expect to handle original documents and artefacts of the period to further flesh out the history.


From  €160 – based on a group of 4.

Students (of any age), serving or ex-military/police/firefighters/ambulance crew or senior citizens qualify for a discount of €5 (Maximum of 2 discounts per group of 4. More than 4 in your group? Drop us an email in the first instance)

If you are based in central Munich then a pick-up can be arranged at your hotel if you so wish. Otherwise we can meet in Marienplatz or the main train station.

Interested in booking this tour? Send us an email with your preferred date(s) and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please note that as a result of Covid-19 implications, this tour is currently only available on weekends and with a morning start.

Prisoners of war march through Karlstor, Munich. April 30th 1945