A military history tour through Munich – from the Celts and Romans to WW2

The city of Munich is in some ways a microcosm of the entire land we call Bavaria and this no truer when one looks at its military history.

Vintage interiorLong before the city was founded, the Roman Legions battled the native “Celtic” peoples for supremacy. Later, during what we call the “Migration Period” (Why? Find out on the tour!) folk left their warriors well equipped and armed for what may come in the afterlife.  

The Medieval period saw mighty walls and ramparts erected around the town known as “Münichen” on the river Isar. Under the patronage of Dukes and Emperors, it grew in strength and splendour – a splendour which was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War.

On this unique private tour you will:

Learn about recent exciting archaeological discoveries and how they help us reconstruct the past

See how the defences of Munich changed and grew throughout the Middle Ages

The Thirty Year´s War – the Catholic heart of Bavaria and how it was occupied by a Swedish army of Lutherans (and Scots!)

Napoleon, Bavaria and a Russian Winter

The Bavarian Army 1914-19: from the fields of France to the streets of Munich


Target: Munich – the Combined Bomber Offensive in WW2: aircraft, tactics, targets

Living legends

Boots on the ground: the US Army versus the Wehrmacht in 1945

Examine and try on replica armour, equipment and weapons


1)This is a walking tour – please wear suitable footwear.

2)While this tour objectively looks at some aspects of WW2, it does not promote nor condone the ideologies and actions of the Nazi Party. The tour is pursuant with sections §86/86a of the German law code.

3)As a result of Covid-19 implications, this tour is currently only available on weekends and with a morning start.


Duration: as with all our private tours, we never watch the clock. However, give yourself around 4 hours.

Cost: €180, based on a group of up to 4.  This is inclusive of 19% German Sales Tax (MwSt).

Concessions (max of 2 per group) of €10 given to students (of any age) seniors (65 and over) and serving or ex-military and first responders.

More than 4? Please ask for a quote.

Interested in booking this tour? Send us an email with your preferred date(s) and we will get back to you within 24 hours.