Munich is a city of great beauty and splendour, known as much for beautiful churches and Lederhosen as for the Oktoberfest. There was a time however, that Munich was known for other, less wholesome reasons. The period following the Great War of 1914-18 was very traumatic for Germany and Munich was no exception.

In a time of great social and economic unrest, Munich became a hot-bed of political extremism and for a short time, a Soviet Republic.

munich communist

Out of this chaotic period the Nazi Party emerged, under the leadership of an Austrian by the name of Adolf Hitler.

Munich was christened by the Nazis as “Hauptstadt der Bewegung” or “Capital of the Movement”. The beautiful city on the river Isar became the heart, the spiritual home of a movement that would plunge Europe into another world war and lead to the deaths of millions.

Hopefully, by learning about this dark period in human history we can, perhaps in our own little way help ensure that such a calamity never happens again.

On this tour you will see and learn about:

The Great War and the Treaty of Versailles

The revolutions of 1918-19: How Munich became a break-away Soviet republic

The origins of the Nazi Party

Private armies: Birth of SA and SS and their left-wing counterparts

The infamous “Beer Hall Putsch”

“Crystal Night” and the origins of the Holocaust

The Nazi Party Headquarters and the signing of “The Munich Pact”

And much more besides


From €160 – based on a group of 4.

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In cold or inclement weather we can stop for refreshments and a break to get warmed up. (Not included in price)

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