Never ones to sit on our laurels, Dark History Tours have some exciting and fun products currently underdevelopment for 2020:

Regensburg: A tale of two emperors 

A daytrip from Munich with an archaeology and military history focus

The city of Regensburg, nestling next to the river Danube has a rich history. Founded by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, it was a lynch-pin of Imperial policy, a key fortress on the frontier system in Germania Superior. In the Medieval period it became a free Imperial city, a key trading centre with an important stone bridge, vital for commerce and also useful for those about to go on crusade. In 1809, in his campaign against Archduke Charles of the Austrian Empire, Napoleon laid siege and fought an ultimately successful action – not before being wounded in his foot.

Taking the train from Munich, we will:

See impressive original Roman remains, including the preserved gateway into the fortress

Visit the famous – and strategic – stone bridge over the Danube

Learn about the Napoleonic wars in Bavaria, see where the French batteries were bombarding the town, stand where Napoleon got shot

See where Marshall Lannes led a desperate, suicidal charge against the fortress and then visit the spot of Naopoleon’s HQ

If you liked Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator”, HBO’s “Rome”, or Bernard Cornwell’s “Sharpe”, then this tour is for you.

This is a full day tour

Price? TBC


Regensburg: For history and beer lovers 

Learn about history while sampling some of the best beers of the region

Regensburg has not only amazing history and sites but some really great beers as well. On this tour you will get an overview of the town from ancient times up to WW2. Visit key sites like the cathedral and the townhall while hitting some of the best brewpubs the region has to offer.

Depending on the time of year of your visit, it may be possible to try some really great seasonal beers such as Bocks and Doppelbocks. 

While the exact route is not written in stone, we will always visit the Spital (making beer in Regensburg since 1226) and Kneitinger (they having been brewing on this spot since about 1590).

This is a full day tour

Price? TBC