U-Drive Tours

On vacation, have a vehicle, want to visit those historical sites and feel that a guide would help you and your family “get it”? We can help – and we have some really interesting tour options for you – some well known, some a little more obscure:

Berchtesgaden and the Eagles Nest

Nuremberg: seat of Medieval Emperors, beloved by Nazi despots

Ingolstadt´s military museums

PoW: Stalag VIIa, Moosburg

Life and death on the Roman frontier – various locations possible – Aalen, Weissenburg, Regensburg. All depends on how far you want to drive.

Fossil/Dino hunting in around Solnhofen: home of Archeopteryx (In preparation)

1809: Napoleon´s battles at Eckmuhl and Ratisbon (In preparation)

Of course, these are just some suggestions – let us know what interests you and we can probably help – or know someone who can