How do I say……in German?

The following simple phrases are in standard German. Phonetics are in red. We advise all visitors to Germany to at least learn a few phrases – as an absolute common courtesy: would a visitor to your country assume you speak German?

Hello! – Hallo!  (Ha-low)

Good Morning!- Guten Morgen! (Gut-en More-gan)

Good day! – Guten Tag! (Gut-en Tah-g)

Good Evening!-  Guten Abend! (Gut-en Ah-bend)

My name is… – Ich heiße…  (Ick high-ze…)

What is your name? – Wie heißen Sie?  (Vee high-tzen zee?)

How are you? – Wie geht’s? (Vee gates?)

I’m doing well, thank you. – Mir geht’s gut, danke. (Meer gay-tes gut dah-n-ke)

I’m not doing well. – Mir geht’s nicht gut.  (Meer gay-tes nickt gut)

I am from America  – Ich komme aus Amerika (Ick comma ow-s Am-air-rica

How long are you staying in Germany? – Wie lange bleiben Sie in Deutschland?             (Wee lan-ga bl-eye-ben zee in D-oi-tsch-land?)

I am here for one week/two weeks – Ich bin da für eine Woche/zwei Wochen               (Ick bin da  f-ur eye-nah vock-ah/ zw-eye vock-ah)

See you later! – Bis später! (Biz sp-hater)

Bye! – Tschüß (Ch-uss)