Austin, a native Texan (who is NOT from Austin, Texas!) has been living sporadically in austinMunich since 2008. A musician and teacher, Austin packed his bags and jumped on a plane to Munich for the first time after finishing his degree.

Thinking he would be here a mere six months to learn the language and live in a new culture before settling down like most intelligent people,  Austin quickly realised that he had stumbled into a magical world of beer gardens, fairytale kings, and leather pants from which he would never escape!

As someone who had spent their entire life on stage and with a keen interest in history, tour guiding came naturally, and he’s been doing it ever since!

He hopes you will join him on a journey through the stories, architecture, history – and of course beer – of this, the best city on earth!


Austin and Taff get some of the good stuff at the Oktoberfest