Hitler, the Nazis and WW2 – Private Tour

This Oktoberfest, do more than just drink beer, eat pretzls and dance on tables: join us on a tour as we explore some of Munich´s dark history:

It was Munich, not Berlin that Hitler called home. A washout in his native Austro-Hungary, failing to get in art college,  he came here in 1913, hoping to make a future, to make his mark, in this vibrant city of culture.

He made his mark alright and Munich still bears the scars to this day – as will be seen on this special tour which looks at not just the political aspects of this period but also social and military history. Hopefully, by learning about this dark period in human history we can, perhaps in our own little way help ensure that such a calamity never happens again.

On this private tour you will see and learn about:

The Great War and the Treaty of Versailles

The revolutions of 1918-19: How Munich became a break-away Soviet republic

The origins of the Nazi Party

The shootout that ended the 1923 “Beer Hall Putsch”

Why Jews? The “Nuremberg Laws”, “Crystal Night” and the origins of the Holocaust

The former Nazi Party Headquarters on Konigsplatz

Peace for our time“? Neville Chamberlain and the signing of “The Munich Pact”

“The White Rose” – dissent, protest and resistance in Munich

Everyday life in WW2: The changing roles of women and kids; rationing; humour

Target: Munich – the Allied bombing campaign and civil defence measures

1945: How the US 45th Infantry and 20th Armoured divisions faced off against the SS

Repercussions for today

As with all our tours, this is illustrated with period artefacts: you will get to hold history in your hand


€240 – for up to 4 people. More than 4? – drop us an email and ask for a quote.

Students (of any age), serving or ex-military/police/firefighters/ambulance crew or senior citizens qualify for a €5 discount (Max of 2 per group of 4)

How long?

We never watch the clock on our tours – we would rather give you a tour which went on your pace and covered the facts in detail than one which was rushed. We find though that this tour runs to around 4 hours. If you like we can take a quick refreshment stop or even get a beer to walk with.

As this is our busiest season, running multiple tours a day, this requires a c.9 – 9.30 start for morning tours or 3pm for afternoons