The Rise and Fall of Hitler´s Germany: in 7 days – Munich to Berlin


In a first for Dark History Tours we will offering the following week long tour.

The tour will examine the political, military and social history of Germany from the end of WW1 to the fall of Berlin in 1945.

Day 1: Munich and Dachau. Munich, not Berlin, was the birthplace of Nazism. We visit the key sites associated with the pre-war history of the N.S.D.A.P., including the “Führerbau” – scene of the ill-feted “Munich Agreement in 1938 when Neville Chamberlain and Édouard Daladier tried to broker a peace deal. In addition, to prime us for our afternoon visit to the Dachau Memorial, we will visit the spot where “Crystal Night” was ordered from in November 1938.

Day 2: Berchtesgaden and the Eagles Nest

Day 3: We leave Munich for the capital of Franconia – Nuremberg. The city was the de facto capital of the Holy Roman Empire (The original 1000 year empire) and it for this reason that it was chosen as the backdrop for Nazi rallies. As well as seeing the rally grounds we consider the Antisemitic “Nuremberg Laws”.

Day 4: Dresden: Conventional bombing reaches climax. Time permitting, as we leave Nuremberg we will visit the courthouse.

Day 5: Berlin: We depart Dresden for Berlin. On our way we will stop in Torgau, scene of the famous meeting of US – Soviet forces. In Berlin we visit the key sites in the central district.

2nd Lt. William Robertson and Lt. Alexander Sylvashko – of the US and Soviet forces which met on April 27th 1945, near the town of Torgau

Day 6: Berlin: Battle for the Seelow Heights.

Day 7: Berlin – Potsdam: Deals, betrayals and the roots of the Cold War

More details coming soon….. watch this space….